MOA Membership Pays for Itself!

You could pay for your MOA membership by using discounts from some of the businesses you use all the time. There are discounts where you can do it in one purchase, or you could do it using a combination of a couple of favorites. Take a look through the discounts available to MOA members below and see if you can find $49 a year in savings.

Also take a look at the comparison of Road Assistance programs. Many of us have towing as a package in our motorcycle insurance, but with two tire replacements a year and a towing distance of one hundred miles, you can have a piece of mind when you travel cross country.

Road Assistance Comparison

Club                             Price                                                                  Towing
MOA Platinum                $49 Membership + $60                     100 Miles
* Plus Two Tire Replacements for unexpected damage (including labor)
MOA Basic                        $49 Membership + $50                     100 Miles
MOA Non-member      $69/year                                                    100 Miles
AAA Plus                             $109                                                             100 Miles
AAA Premier                    $149                                                              200 Miles
AMA                                      $49 Membership + $35                     35 Miles
AMA Standard                3 Yr. Membership/Auto Renew    35 Miles

  • All Plans Include Fluids, Battery, and Tire

Log in to your MOA account to learn how to get these discounts!                                  20% off everything
1-800-FLOWERS                                      Save 20%.
Advantage Rent A Car                            20% off rental
Angie’s List                                                    40% discount of Angie’s List fees
Avis                                                                   10% discount on rentals returned to the same city
Bagel of the Month Club                        10% Off Your First Order                            $50 Gift Card with a gift card purchase of $250
Biltmore House & Gardens                   Prices vary, save nearly 20% off gate prices
BMW Factory Tours                                Two tours. One is $10, the other $5
BMW Performance Center                   15% discount on one day and two day road class.
Brooks Brothers                                          Exclusive discounts on regular priced merchandise
Butler Maps                                                  15% off any map purchase
Castrol Power 1                                          25% off 6 quarts from Amazon through May 31st
Cherry Moon Farms                                  Save 20% at Cherry Moon Farms
Cheryl’s Goourmet Cookies                   BMW MOA members save 20% at checkout
Choice Hearing                                            Save an additional $200 per pair
Compass Expeditions                               5% off South America, Australia, Africa Tours
Costco                                                              Get coupons valued at $50 including FREE items
Cruise One                                                     Special benefits for MOA members…
Cycle Trader                                                  Pay only $19.95 with the coupon code
Dean & Deluca                                             Save 15% on purchases of $150 or more
Dell Computers                                           Up to 10%-30% off
DIRECT BUY                                                 Pay only $99 and a monthly fee of $39.95
Drayko                                                             Save 10% off drayko riding jeans
Eagle Rider San Francisco                     10% off winter pricing
Fannie May Fine Chocolates                Save 20% on every online order
Federal Motorcycle Transport            BMW MOA members receive special pricing
First Hand Tickets                                     See MOA Website
Franklin Services Direct                         8% off published shipping rates
FREE BMW Advantec Oil                      Get one FREE liter of oil with an oil change
GE Appliance Store                                   Save 25% off MSRP
GlobalFit Program                                     Guarantees the lowest rates in the network
Harry & David                                              BMW MOA members save 20% at checkout
Heritage Stickers                                        Save 15% off classic BMW stickers and decals
Hertz                                                                 Year-round discounts…
Hyatt Regency Greenville                      20% discount off the published rates.
Idea Gourmet Foods                                 15% off all purchases of Spanish food
InterContinental hotel group               14.5% discount over regular rates
JC Motors                                                        Save on every order with the promo code.
Jenny Craig                                                    Join for $19 and receive 10% off products
JOS. A. BANK CLOTHING                       Receive a FREE JoS. A. Bank Corporate Card
King of Fleece                                               20% off waterproof protection for motorcycle seats
KOA Trail Membership                            10% off on your daily registration rate
Legal Sea Foods                                            Save 20% off your next online delivery order
Lenovo                                                              Up to 25% on products and free shipping
Massage Envy                                               Save $5 every month when you become a member
MedJet Assist                                                Reduced annual Medjet membership – Save $55
Men’s Wearhouse                                       40% off the regular price of retail items
Motel 6                                                             10% discount
Motorcycle Express                                    Save $50 on average over standard rates
Motorcycle Shippers                                  Door-to-door, best rates, and expedited service.
Motorcyclepedia Museum                      50% off a second entry ticket to the museum
MOTOVID.COM Rider Clinic                $25 off Rider Clinics
National Motorcycle Museum              $1 off entry to the National Motorcycle Museum
NorthAmerican Van Lines                       Discounts for packing, moving, and storage 
Nutrisystem                                                    Save 40% on Nutrisystem fees
Office Depot                                                   Save on ink, toner, office supplies, printing
Omaha Steaks                                               10% off and free delivery
Overland Journal                                         30% off subscription
PartnerShip                                                     See BMW MOA landing page at
Personal Creations                                       Save 20% at
Peter Starr’s                                                     Take it to the Limit Free shipping and handling
Popcorn Factory                                            Save 20% at checkout
Priceline                                                             60% off hotels.
Pro Flowers                                                      Save 20% at
Pro Football Hall of Fame                         17% off regular priced admission
Raymour & Flannigan                                 Save $100 off of $1,000 or more
Rever                                                                   Save 25% off subscription
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame                           $17.75 entrance fee
Rockport                                                            Save 25%
Saved By Spot                                                 $25 – $50 off specific deals
Scala Rider by Cardo                                   Save 25% Scala PACKTALK and other products
 Seven Corners Travel Insurance           10% off premium tier travel insurance
Shari’s Berries                                                  Save 20% at Shari’s Berries
SmugMug                                                           $5 discount when opening an account
Speed-way Motosport Shelters               15% discount
Stayin’ Safe Rider Training                        10% discount on multi-day training tours
StayWarm-StayCool                                    15% off their entire order and free shipping
Stock Yard’s                                                      Save 20% at checkout
Sungevity                                                            Save $500 on solar panel installation
Taster’s Club                                                      25% off first month in the club
Total Control Riding School                       Receive a FREE Total Control book
UBER                                                                      Save $20 on your first UBER ride
Urbal Tea                                                             Save 20%
Vehiport                                                               $25 – $50 discount
VPI Pet Insurance                                            5% – 15% discount
WFO Models                                                      10% discount on any standard WFO model
Wheels Through Time                                    Receive a custom pin to place on map
Wisconsin Made                                               10% off Wisconsin made products
 Wolferman’s Fine Baking                            Save 20% at checkout
Xcel Federal Credit Union                            $50 per loan goes to the BMW MOA Foundation