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This year’s tour will give you an opportunity to see South Carolina from the mountains, to the ocean, and places in between.

The goal this year was to make it easier for our members that live near the coast or the mountains to successfully finish. But for those that choose, there is more riding and sightseeing if you want to see it all.

There are eighteen locations, so you won’t have to see everything. Hopefully, there are at least ten locations that will pique your interest.

If you haven’t seen Camp Greenville or the Angel Oak Tree, they are impressive. There are several “Ruins” that are actually gems. Pack a snack because there are several places to enjoy your lunch. And of course, there are spots to take the picture and move on.

We want everyone to stay safe, so we are urging everyone to give their motorcycle a good inspection before going out.

Always check the weather for the area you are riding to so you can have appropriate gear available if needed. Don’t forget the water and sunscreen.

I experienced a flat tire, 120 miles from home, while scouting locations this winter. Whether it is tools, tire patches, a towing service or a credit card, make sure you are prepared for emergencies.

Plan ahead and ride safe!

Remember to send in your favorite photos so we can post them on the website.