With the aroma and vivid colors of spring blooms this is a great time to ride. There are plenty of events in the next few weeks and the journeys and destinations are fantastic. These events include families, friends, great roads and motorcycles.

But before you go out for your next ride, give your motorcycle the once over. Check wheels, tires and air pressure. Check brake pads, brake lever play and brake response. Is the chain clean and lubricated?

Have you changed the oil, brake fluid and air filter lately?

Now that your motorcycle is ready, there is a lot going on in our motorcycle community.

Palmetto BMW Riders’ next two monthly meetings are going to include family and friends.

April’s “Bring a Friend” meeting will be at the School House BBQ in Scranton. This is an opportunity to introduce more riders to our club, and the MOA. And of course, have good BBQ with your fellow club members. The meeting is April 15th and starts at noon. Our usual practice is to start to gather in the parking lot a half hour early.

May 20th is our “Family Picnic”. This year our picnic will be at Fort Jackson Weston Lake Recreation Area. Whip up your favorite dish to share with the club. For members riding their motorcycle and don’t feel comfortable to bring a dish, you can pay $10. The money will be used for chicken, tea and complements.

Rolf has put together the Grand Tour again for this year. Registration and the Tour has already started. You have until October 31st to finish, but you might want to get started while it is still cool. The registration form is on the website.

The MOA has activities in our backyard this spring.

The MOA Summer and Annual Mileage contests start April 8th. Bring your start form, and your BMW motorcycle, to our April meeting and a club officer will sign it for you. If you forget your form, we will have an extra one. All miles must be on a BMW motorcycle.

The MOA Weekend Getaway at Fontana Dam Village is April 21-23. This is a great event in the middle of beautiful motorcycling roads. You can find more information on the website and also quick links to register for the event and to reserve a room.

Motorcycles of Charlotte is also having a rally. This will be held the same weekend (April 20-23) as the MOA Getaway in Fontana and is only 28 curvy miles up the road. The events include demo rides on BMW’s from Iron Horse Lodge, the host of the event, to Fontana Dam and back. The event is free, but you must preregister. Registration and Iron Horse Lodge information is on the website.

The Georgia Mountain Rally is May 5th – 7th. This is held in Hiawassee GA and is surrounded by great motorcycling roads. This event is put on by the BMW Motorcycle Club of Georgia and has become a favorite among the MOA riding community. This event can also be found on our website.

Are you a racing fan? MotoAmerica is at Atlanta Raceway April 28-30 and two weeks later, May 12-14, at Virginia International Raceway. There are five different racing classes with engine sizes starting at 390cc and peaking at 1200cc. This is North America’s premier motorcycle racing series.

For our GS riders, and tourers who are still looking for more curves, the Fifth Annual Blue Ridge High Pass Boogie is May 12th & 13th. The Ashville BMW Riders and Eurosport Ashville have the Appalachian Mountain Challenge, raising money for the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation. This event is growing in popularity because of the great effort the club and dealership have done each year.

See you on the road and at the next event!